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Trick Blackberry 8520 Key and Trackpad Macet Total Reviews
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  1. Gloria Hester says:

    I bought a new BlackBerry 8520, Now i want receive my Emails via my cellphone. If i setup my Emails it says my Email Address or Password is not valid.

  2. Elinor Sturgell says:

    How do i get radio on my blackberry 8520 curve?

  3. Deborah Holliday says:

    im taking pics with my blackberry 8520 curve and i just got it this week and i only have like 5 pictures saved and now its telling me that i need to save the rest of the pictures i take to a “media card” because the memory is too full. what is a media card? is it the same thing as a micro sd card? i really need help please!

  4. Carrie Major says:

    hey i have got blackberry 8520. evevm if i listen to 2 songs the battery starts to drain. I mean is it meant to be like that or is my battery faultyy? should i get a new phone. With my other phones even if i was to listen to songs throughtout the day the battery still use to get through thec whole day.

  5. Heidi Cabrera says:

    i just got a blackberry 8520 and i want to download a app and it ask me for blackberry email
    i know how to set it up
    but i don’t have the internet plan; so can i still set it up?
    also any tricks or tips that i should know?
    help please!

  6. Maricela Rothrock says:

    Hey, is there anyway that i can control my blackberry 8520 from my laptop, so like chat on BBM from my laptop?

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